Preserve Property Values and Keep Relationships "Neighborly"

How we do it...

Most common interest communities are created with the goal of maintaining and enhancing homes and property values. When purchasing a home in a Community Association, the homeowner agrees to follow pre-established guidelines and restrictions, often referred to as the Declaration of Covenants or Protective Covenants. These reasonable restrictions, when properly enforced, will preserve the value of the community.

While this sounds fairly simple, it can be a significant challenge for HOA and COA boards to enforce covenants in a way that feels consistent and fair. Selective covenant enforcement is one of the most common complaints about Community Associations.

HOA Community Solutions can help you preserve your community relationships by serving in the role of a neutral third party.  We can provide the following services with consistency, professionalism and diplomacy:

Regular site visits to your community

• Notify homeowners promptly regarding property violations

• Work with individual homeowners to bring their properties back into compliance

• Schedule meetings between homeowners and the appropriate committee or the board

• Provide monthly compliance log to the Association board