Escrow Demands, Resale Certificates and Other Miscellaneous Document Requests

Estoppel/demand statements, lender questionnaires and other requests for Association Documents must be ordered via HomewiseDocs at  Demands and Resale Certificates will always be completed within seven (7) business days or less of your request, even during the busiest times of the year. Lender Questionnaires can take up to 5 business days to complete, due to the detail that must be included. Should you need help with your order, a Homewisedocs Customer Service Representative is available to assist you. Call Toll Free:  866.925.5004

Association fees and transfer charges are payable at closing. All other fees are required up front to initiate your order. HomewiseDocs accepts credit card and e-check payments online.  You may also order your documents and send a check in the mail.

Need information regarding how to order documents online?  Click here for more information:  Homewisedocs Knowledge Center.


What are the fees involved with a resale?  The standard fees are listed below, if you need documents processed in 48 hours or less, rush fees may apply.

  • Condominium Resale Certificate (and all required documents) - $275.00
  • HOA Demand - $39.00
  • Transfer Fee - $150.00
  • Standard Lender Questionnaire - $100.00
  • Customized Lender Questionnaire - $150.00(lender's form used)

Why  are buyers/sellers encouraged to have a lien released - even after a foreclosure? Most HOA Declarations/CCRs state that the HOA assessments are considered a lien against the property/lot (and as such recording a lien is not required). HOA liens are almost always subordinate to the mortgage lien and they are extinguished via the foreclosure process. However, if an HOA has recorded a lien against a specific property with the county recorder's office, the lien will still show up in a title search (even though it has been extinguished). To avoid future problems for a new homeowner, we recommend the lien be formally released and recorded with the county recorder. Giving the new owner the peace of mind that the title to their property is unencumbered. Lien release fees are paid directly to the Association and cover the time, labor, postage and recording fees involved in having the lien released.

I pay dues to live in my community, why should I have to buy copies of my community documents? You shouldn't!  Set up a homeowner account and follow these instructions to order your community's documents at no charge.